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Our Wedding - Gatecrash

Finally gotten our wedding photos!

Been lazy in updating the blog ;p Because once I have time, I'd rather take a nap lol.


I don't have any makeup photos because my makeup artist "offered" to come at 6am, when she knew the gatecrash was only at 8.30am, and PG/VG will come at 7+am.

She specifically said the makeup needs to take about 2 hours, yet before my friends arrived at 7.30am, I am already dressed in my gown.

I somehow feel that they only wanted me to pay the surcharge for early makeup. She could have come at 7am, right? So, My Dream Wedding brides, be careful.

The Breakfast Game, where the guys need to pick up the food items being read out (like a machine gun haha).

We were told to pose for this picture, pretending we are talking and laughing. Obviously happy. But our conversation is: ar, talk what ar, hahahaha. ar, talk what ar, hahahaha ;p

I love my gown. The gowns that the coordinator selected for me were blah. So I was thankful they had this piece when I showed them my ideal gown(s).

But because I lost too much weight before wedding, I asked my bridesmaids to tie the corset tighter. And because the gown itself is quite heavy, I had backache throughout the day lol.

OH, and I still want to rant about the makeup artist. My bridesmaids horrific-ly found a clothes peg underneath the gown, and my corset was tied up in quite an untidy manner.

And the MUA left without hanging around for 5 mins or so, to check if everything is ok.

Let's talk about service and professionalism. ZZZ.

One of the penalty is to sign ALL of the hubby's credit cards supp card application form. Wahahahaha.

It surely feels very different, standing at the gate, haggling with the guys, compared to sitting in the room. I remembered my bridesmaid very nicely printed out the games they are going to play. And I didn't close my bedroom door, so I could follow through their games and when the guys are coming in, I quickly shut my door lol.

I was so relieved when the hubby finally gotten the right key to my door (too bored sitting alone lol)!

 And then off we go to the parents-in-law house for tea ceremony.

Photographer: Kent Wong Photography
Bridal Studio: My Dream Wedding
Hair/Makeup: My Dream Wedding


  1. you look fabulous in your wedding gown! :)

    1. thank you for ur kind words!! hehehe :)