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Our Wedding - Dinner

We held our wedding dinner at Carlton Hotel. Initially, I we were looking at Amara Sanctuary at Sentosa, Straits Ballroom at Fullerton Hotel, or even restaurants like White Rabbit. In the end we decided to hold it at Carlton Hotel because we wanted the Holy Matrimony in church. It was the nearest hotel to church anyway :)

Service had been quite warm on the wedding night. Even the coordinator who wasn't very good with her words/EQ, had been warm and accommodating.

The only complaint we had is the tea smoked chicken. We quite liked that dish during the food tasting, yet on the actual day, the chicken had this really awful burnt smell. Like some kind of cigarette smell.

Apparently some of our relatives/friends complained, but was shrugged off by the asst banquet manager.

Even until the end of the banquet, when our friends complained again to the asst banquet manager in front of us, he said he was not in the position to offer any direct discount, even though the hubby had signed the bill just 5 mins ago.

And we were quite surprised by the smaller portion of food on our table compared to the food tasting. Our close family members were a little disappointed.

So in summary, we met up with the head chef from Wah Lok on the next day after our wedding. He admitted the chicken was overly smoked and not done properly. And when the hubby checked out on Monday, the coordinator said they will remove this dish from the menu and not recommend to couples who cannot take the strong taste.

Like sound like our fault. ZZZZ. We can only say that the only ones who got "smoked" here are us. LOL.


  1. Nice article for plan wedding dinner and all images are so good ..thanks for free wedding planning iphone app ideas

  2. Thanks for the review. Now I am more certain about having wedding banquet at Carlton Hotel

  3. hi babe, is it that brightly lit throughout the dinner ?

    1. Hi Huishan, yes the lights were on throughout the dinner. The lights were off for the march-in :) Hope you get a good coordinator!

  4. I was given a really young lady when I enquired. Then i complained and requested for a change in coordinator cause she always ai mai ai mai. Then now, my new coordinator is no longer with Carlton and Im working with my 3rd coordinator haha. So it will be fully dimmed during march in ? Cause i rmb carlton lighting quite different from others..

  5. Haha! I got in touch with 1 of the very long serving coordinator, William, back in 2012 when we made enquiries. Sadly, when we were about to confirm, he left. Since our minds were decided on Carlton, we went ahead.

    However, I didn't like the coordinator who got in touch with me, her name starts with "J". And during our dinner, 1 dish (tea smoked chicken) was badly done. My guests mentioned the whole hall smelt of cigarette -_-'' That coordinator told us, at the end, they will advise customers against taking this dish if they cannot take the taste. I was so "WHAT" with her service lol.

    March in will be fully dimmed at the beginning. I have pictures of us walking halfway with bright lights on lol. Maybe you can check with your coordinator if you prefer fully dimmed lights.

  6. Hi! May I know who is your florist?