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Our Wedding - Church (Part 2)

I am not a jewellery lover, I chose to go simple on the wedding day. I only had my cross necklace with a pair of Chomel earrings lol. I was so glad I got that pair of earrings because I am certain I wouldn't wear that again after the wedding. And true enough, I didn't have any chance to wear that again ;p

Most of the details in the wedding was kept classy and simple (I hope I did that!), and I was happy with the ceremony :)

I can't seem to post the YouTube video here, so if you're interested, here's our wedding day highlight link! I am also thinking of editing the gatecrash, church ceremony and dinner by myself, since our VG only had the day highlight. The other versions were too lengthy to watch lol.

Anyway after the church ceremony, we had some time to mingle with our friends before we rush back to the hotel. We didn't have the "official" photo taking session because we didn't have enough time. So I missed out taking pictures with some friends who left early after the ceremony :(

And then it's time to throw that bouquet! Hahaha.

Photographer: Kent Wong Photography
Videographer: Winson Cinematography
Bridal Studio: My Dream Wedding

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