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Our Wedding - Church (Part 1)

After the tea ceremony and lunch at my parents-in-law's house, we headed for the hotel.

Thankfully we could do an early check-in, and my bridesmaids all crash into the suite to do their hair/make-up. I think it's nice for everyone to be in the same room, at least can keep each other occupied lol.

I reached the church just in time for the ceremony, so I missed out on the preparation and reception time. I was quite panicky when we were still in the hotel 10 mins before the Holy Matrimony takes place lol. Not to mention the hubby, who was already waiting in church.

Because I didn't have much excitement during the gatecrash and tea ceremony, so I asked my friends if getting married is like that. Only until the bridal car was parked just in front of the Nave, I told the hubby's best friend, who drove for us, that I AM FINALLY GETTING NERVOUS. Hahaha.


The song that I chose for the Holy Matrimony's procession is by Miranda Wong. An insistent friend had kept asking the hubby why do we not want to use the organ. I prefer a softer and romantic entrance, compared to that grand and drama entrance.

Super love this picture. Even though we rehearsed a couple of times, but it really feels different to be dressed in the wedding gown, and walking down the aisle in that processional song. Love the stained glass.

Halfway through the aisle, I was looking pretty expressionless because the aisle is not wide enough for 2 persons to walk side by side. And with my huge can-can, I barely could squeeze through. Thankfully I didn't trip (which I even mentally prepared myself lol). My veil was also weighing my false lashes down that I can't open my eyes properly :(

Whenever I am reminded of God's love, or when I feel the embracing presence of God with us, I'd cry. So from the moment our pastor asked if we are willing to marry each other, I am starting to get a little too emotional. LOL.

That was the reason why I walked in to the Nave with a piece of tissue paper on my hand. But which the hubby had to take away. He only returned to me until he realised I was struggling with mucus (YUCKS). Which was unfortunately caught on video.

Exchanging of rings. Looking quite "stone" here because I just finished crying quite badly during the vow. Hahaha. I had to keep looking down because the veil was weighing my lashes down :(

We were so thankful for our friends who have helped out in ushering, scripture reading, choir and AV.

I can't stop crying, especially when the pastor shared the 3 things both of us liked about each other. In the hubby's words, he described a better character than I usually have. Sometimes I feel I am not so patient and loving, but all he sees are only the better times I had. All the bad stuff he just ignores.

How to find such a man who loves me for the person I am, even though I can be so imperfect?

I am so happy with the DIY flowers for my bridesmaids. Took me about 1 month to complete, because I could only use my free time after work and during weekends to do. I was trying to put together the color combination. Thankfully it worked out well with their dress ;p

Walking out as husband and wife

To be honest, probably because our wedding was held 1 week before CNY, a lot of our friends could not come last minute (for both church and dinner). Despite SMS-ing friends that the Holy Matrimony is important to us, I felt a little sad when I walked down the aisle, to see empty seats here and there. Strangely, so many guests feel that the wedding dinner is the important event. But the Holy Matrimony just held a deeper meaning for us, that I really don't care if there is any dinner after that or not.

For me, I am just thankful that I had the "magical" wedding ever. Done in God's presence, and in His "house". It is not how the church decorations are, how nice our gowns are, but it is because of the friends who helped out, and the guests who came that mattered.


  1. i actually liked the solemnity of your beautiful wedding. it made me teary eyed, as if i've known you for a long time.

    less people more solemn but i agree with you, the ceremony is far more important than the dinner.

    you made me dream of having a church wedding. so happy that everything turned magical. :)

    1. Thank you! Then you must watch our wedding day highlight video when I post it. Cried like crazy during my vow haha :)

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