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Blessed Easter weekend :)

Spent the entire weekend packed with programmes - Good Friday 3-hour service in church, before rushing off to cook dinner for the in-laws; Saturday to serve in the church's children's club, couple cell, and ending the day with dinner with our friends; Resurrection Sunday to serve in service and then meeting my childhood friend for lunch and tea.

Tadah, the long weekend gone like that lol. Sometimes I wonder why does time pass so fast (yes applicable also to working day haha).

Not much pictures of the food on Friday because I was so stressed up when I realised I was terribly late in dishing out the food lol. 

For some reason, I looked really tired in the pictures - I probably was! Memory isn't very good lately haha. And I am on this weight gain journey, but I realised my face is the first to pack in the fats :(

Saturday Tea: Coffee Club at Funan Mall

Chamomile Tea

x x x x x x

Saturday Dinner: PappaRich at Parkway Parade

PappaRich has around 100 outlets in different countries. They specialise in Malaysian cuisine, such as Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, Curry, Prawn Noodle.

They have quite an extensive menu, and it's good since we all love to share dishes, to find out which are the really good ones ;p

I find the food quite good and the ambience really nostalgic and lovely :) My type.

PappaRich's Signature Nasi Lemak - Crispy fried chicken that doesn't really taste super oily!

Curry Chicken with Bread - I love how fluffy the bread is! Win hands down compared to Old Town's.
A pity the curry's too little. Love the richness of the curry (oh my cholesterol lol).

We also ordered their satay, otah, chicken chop with fried rice. I didn't take much photos because I felt very paiseh to hold up everyone in eating their food haha :)

I didn't quite like the fried rice, probably cos I like salty fried rice ;p Their satay is really sedap! But otah is kind of pricey because it came really small in size.

Definitely would love to return to try out other dishes, and their PappaRich Cham (Coffee & Tea)!

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