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Bugis Junction Food Trail #8: Hong Guo

Next up, Hong Guo is the #8 stop for our Bugis Junction Food Trail!

Hong Guo serves Yunnan and Si Chuan cuisine. One of their specialty is the 过桥米线. I have always walked past the restaurant and wondered what is 过桥米线 hehe.

过桥米线 includes a big bowl (or pot? haha) of soup, along with15 ingredients. And it seems that there is a sequence to put these ingredients into the bowl :)

 The staff putting in all the ingredients for us.

I quite like this, because the soup is not too oily, yet tasted really sweet and nourishing. It's a little different from the usual noodle soup we eat at foodcourts, or wanton noodle soup base at other restaurants. The soup base here tasted a little richer than those clear soup, yet goes down really well.

I ordered this: Honey Lemon Sour Plum, and I quite like it!

Si Chuan Spicy Chicken: Sorry I can't remember the actual name of this dish. It's
called 辣子雞 in Chinese. I super love this! Deep fried chicken, that doesn't leave an oily film
on your lips after eating. The meat is lean and tender. The spiciness kicks in after you
swallow the chicken. LOL.

Seafood Fried Rice: I really feel my eyes lit up when I started to eat the fried rice. I love
the wok hei, and the fried rice was not too dry, flavourful and a little spicy.

Salted Egg Yolk Deep Fried Pumpkin: This is nice! It literally melts in your mouth. This dish
has a slightly crispy exterior, to give way to a soft and mashy interior. The salted egg yolk
enhances the texture for this dish. Yums!!

Sorry I forgot the name of this dish! I think it's lettuce wrap. I didn't wrap with the lettuce but
I tried the filling on itself. It's very flavourful, and then the spiciness kicks in! Haha. Thankfully
it's only mildly spicy. 

Review: Hong Guo came as quite a surprise to me, because I quite like their food! And to be honest, it probably won't strike me to go there for a meal if not for this tasting. So, definitely a visit-again on my list :) Great for people who loveeeee spicy food!

Must Try: Spicy Chicken, Seafood Fried Rice, Salted Egg Yolk Pumpkin.

Hong Guo
Address: 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, #B1-06

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