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Imperial Treasure ION Orchard

Met up with my childhood friend for over 20+ years for lunch and tea. Always such a sweet girl to say OK to my weird timing and last min requests haha :)

Chatting up a young mei mei??

Opps, kena caught! Haha!

Went to ION Orchard's Imperial Treasure. I wouldn't have thought of going for Chinese food, because I am probably not a fan of Chinese food because of its carbs lol. But this is a worthy visit!

 Siew Mai: 3/5 - I love their Siew Mai! I am not sure if it's because
I have not been eating Siew Mai for quite sometime, but I find theirs
really tasty with quality. Love the crunchy prawn feel on the tongue :)

Custard Bun: 4/5 - A must try!! Super flowy, salted egg custard filling :)
This is the item worth me loading up on carbs hahaha.

Sorry there's no better photo because I was too excited to gobble it down my tum tum!

Fried Beancurd Roll: 3.5/5 - Cripsy and tasted fresh :)

Po Luo Char Siew Bun: 3.5/5

Cheong Fun with Char Siew: 2.5/5 - Tastes pretty much normal.

Overall Review: 4/5
It was quite an enjoyable lunch. Not so much of babies crying, no noisy chats by patrons. However, we think that we were seated into a 2-pax seat, which was quite squeezy for us. Thankfully both the hubby and me quite thin la ;p

Overall, I think the quality and taste of the food there wins Crystal Jade hands-down. We were so amazed by the Custard Buns, so I think it's a must-try when you drop by Imperial Treasure. Definitely will return for its dim sum :)

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