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Bugis Junction Food Trail #9 and #10: Yummi Bites & Maggie Moo

Finally our #9 and #10 stops! :)

I think if I remembered correctly, by then we were quite bursting from the food that we have had the entire afternoon. 6 hours of non-stop nomming. Hahaha.

#9 stop - Yummi Bites! Yummi Bites specialise in fried fritters, and their signature is the super crispy batter. I brought the snack home because I really could not eat anymore lol. And I was quite surprised that the oil didn't even seep through the paper packaging!

They have interesting fritters like curry bomb, durian fritter, nian gao 3-in-1 fritters, etc. Check out their flavours here.

 Chicken Curry Bomb! Looks sooooooooooo good! (Picture from Yummi Bites Facebook Page)

Nian Gao 3-in-1 (Picture from Yummi Bites Facebook Page)

Soft, not overly sweet fillings :) Could have tasted better if it's hot!

Yummi Bites
Address: 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction B1-K5  

x x x x x x 

And the last stop - Maggie Moo's ice cream! Always have been passing by this kiosk and was so attracted to the cute and vibrant colors.

This is the only picture I've taken! Haha. We've tried vanilla, red velvet, some cheesecake and chocolate flavours. Maggie Moo's ice cream is creamy, but not those super milky kind. A cool, refreshing place to go, especially during this hot weather!

That's all for the Bugis Junction Food Trail! Nice meeting with all the bloggers, and thanks to OMY.SG, Bugis Junction and the various hosting restaurants for the good food!

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