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Bugis Junction Food Trail #5: Kazokutei

And here we are! Halfway through the Bugis Junction Food Trail. #5 in the food trail is Kazokutei.

Kazokutei is established since 1947, and is one of Osaka's famous brands of udon restaurant. They pride themselves in making delicious and quality handmade udon. Healthy cooking methods were also used to bring out the natural taste of the noodles.

 I always love looking at this display whenever I pass by the restaurant. LOL.

We were given each a sampling portion of the famous handmade udon and soba, together with some sushi :) I am not a fan of udon, so I didn't manage to finish. But I appreciate the chewy texture, which is really different from the usual udon I have eaten. 

Most of us love the soba. Light, refreshing. And yes, the texture of the soba is good. I like the tamago - not dry, and well flavoured with the dashi - and the sweet beancurd sushi. Thumbs up!

Review: Kazokutei is a good place to go on a hot sunny day. Chill over some cold soba, which goes easy on the stomach. If you prefer something more substantial, they also have set meals below $20 - the usual rice, tempura, pork cutlet, etc.

Must Try: Soba, Inari Sushi.

200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, #02-49

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