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Bugis Junction Food Trail #2: Platypus Kitchen

After our first stop at Everything with Fries, we move on to Platypus Kitchen.

Platypus Kitchen is a casual bistro, specialising in handmade pasta and gourmet risotto. What's really special is that they are dedicated to serve gourmet cuisine at affordable prices (everything under $20!). They pride themselves in serving freshly made pasta daily, with no additives or preservatives.

Before we started eating, the owner of the restaurant came and introduced us to the restaurant and told us about the dishes we would be sampling. And we were pretty excited over those! Especially when he said that the dishes served would be true to the picture in the menu.

Which he was right :) See their menu here.

Crab Cakes ($12.90) - Deep fried potato fritters stuffed with crab claw meat. Super love the lemon that
comes with it. Made the crab cakes easier to eat (not too heavy). I also love that we saw chunks of crab meat
in it! So much so that I can't really taste the potato.

Truffle Fries ($6.90) - Thick cut fries seasoned with truffle oil, topped with shaved truffles. To be honest, I have
never tried truffle fries before, so I find the truffle taste quite strong. The other bloggers enjoyed this really well,
saying that they enjoy the smokey taste!

Risotto Balls ($8.90) - I can't quite understand Risotto Balls lol. But they are yummy! I don't really
eat pumpkin, but we can't really taste pumpkin in the sauce. It goes really well with the balls.

Smith's Ale & Momo-Lychee Ale ($9.90 each) - Beer with fresh fruits inside. I didn't try this, but
seems to be a refreshing hit among the bloggers :)

See, there's real fruit!

Squid-ink Scallop Ragout ($16.50) - Served with seared scallops in a light garlic sauce.

Saffron & Caviar Risotto ($19.90) - Risotto served with char-grilled prawns and scallops. Finished with caviar
and herbs. I don't eat risotto because they always seem to be too "soupy". I quite like the texture here. Not too soft :)

Carbonara ($14.50) - Linguini tossed with double-smoked bacon in egg yolk cream sauce.

Pressed Pork Belly ($19.90) - Pork belly served in braised apple and garden veges, with honey & clove apple glaze.

Spicy "Diablo" Crab & Prawn ($18.50) - Served with prawns and crab claw meat (yes the meat on top!), tossed in spicy egg sauce. I enjoyed the tangy, spicy sauce along with the really chewy pasta. Most of us liked this as well.

Sea Salt Caramel Cake with Popping Candy - Quite a unique dessert! Love how the popping candy dances on your tongue while the cream on top melts in your mouth lol. Do eat this dessert in small mouthfuls, in case the candy becomes too overwhelming ;p

Platypus is currently having a 12-week Facebook promo (now in the 3rd week!). Right now they are giving away free Sea Salt Caramel Cake. Do claim here on their FB page.

Review: I quite like the concept of the restaurant - no gimmicks, fresh and wholesome ingredients. I could taste that the pasta is really different from the usual cafes we go to. Thick, chewy :) Great texture. I find the restaurant nice for romantic dinner date, group lunches. Especially good for the more health conscious.

Must Order: Crab Cake, Risotto Balls, Spicy "Diablo" Crab & Prawn Pasta, Sea Salt Caramel Cake with Popping Candy.

Platypus Kitchen
Address: 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, #03-29

Opening Hours: 12pm - 10pm
Like their Facebook here.


  1. this is good recommendation! bookmarking this place in my list! thanks for sharing it!

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by :) Yup do try it out! They also have another outlet in Raffles Place.. Oh, don't miss the Facebook promo! haha :)