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Bugis Junction Food Trail #1 - Everything with Fries

Our first stop for Bugis Junction Food Trail starts at Everything with Fries.

We got to know the story behind Everything with Fries - that the people (behind Awfully Chocolate) who started this establishment had wanted to serve everything with fries! Haha.

The One Egg Soup - that is made from just one egg. So cute the name. LOL.

Skinny Wings - No one can ever resist a chicken wing hokay! Haha. I quite like the wings. They are supposed to be the "skinnier" version, but I forgot the reason *sheepish smile* And the wings really turned out to be quite lean. I can't taste the oil taste,
which I am quite sensitive to nowadays. When I tried to cut it on the plate, there is some oil on the plate,
which I think is quite normal. The wings are cripsy on the outside, yet quite tender meat inside.

Nutella Milkshake - I shared this milkshake with Cherry (SweetMemoirs), and I really like the taste!
Delightfully creamy smooth, there's really a rich Nutella taste in this shake. Great for the sweet-tooth!
Turned out that this shake, along with Butterscotch Milkshake is their best-seller :)

And here come the hearty mains:

Char-Grilled Char Siew - Pork Belly char-grilled with garlic sauce. I am not a fan of fatty meat, so I was wondering
if I should try this. And I am glad I tried the lean portion of the meat! Juicy, tender meat. I like the smokey taste of it :)
The accompanying sweet and sour fries are nice too!

Wild NZ King Salmon - The salmon has a crispy top and soft melt-in-mouth meat. I am not really a fan of
salmon because of its stronger taste, but most of the other bloggers gave a thumbs up for it!

Char-grilled Beef Karubi (I think) - Braised beef and then char-grilled, topped with brown pepper sauce. The beef was
quite soft, but if you are expecting super soft beef (the meat texture like in stew), then this is not it. I think the
texture is quite acceptable because it's braised and then char-grilled. But I find the sauce a little too mild for me.
Again, most of the bloggers gave a thumbs up, so it might be just me lol.

Grilled Pork Chop - Pork steak with their special Miso sauce. I quite like the BBQ taste of the pork chop. Super love the skinny fries!! Ate one only because of health reasons, wished I could have more ;p The fries are not like those frozen kind. I really tasted the (fresher than frozen) potato taste in the fries. Super crispy and topped with curry powder - like potato chips in another form :)

Didn't manage to get the name for this - bone marrow something :)

Sandwich - Super love the chicken inside! Tender, yet lean. Just say yum yum!

I was a little disappointed that we didn't manage to try the dessert. After all, Everything with Fries is famous for the Nutella Tart and Vanilla Crepe! But we're not complaining because they really hosted us with a super good variety of food :)
Review: I think Everything with Fries is great for a casual date, fun gatherings with big group of friends, or simply a no-hassle girly lunch/brunch.

Must Order: Skinny Fries (Curry), Skinny Wings, Nutella Milkshake, Char-Grilled Char Siew, the chicken sandwich above (sorry I didn't get the name of the sandwich).

Address: 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, Level 4
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm (daily), 12pm - 10.30pm (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH)

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