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Mr Pau and I spent our Friday evening at the Tatty Marsh Event. The event was held in their store, hosted by :)

I was so excited when I saw Haren emailing about this event, and even happier when I knew I was selected :) Friends who know me well would have known that I am that kind of everything-floral and everything-polka-dot girl lol.

Tatty Marsh is the official stockist in Singapore for Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgewater, Susie Watson and other UK luxury brands. It is almost like everything-polka-dots, everything-floral and everything-vintagey-girly inside the store (that screams me me me)!

So if you're like me, loving everything English-styled, or vintage-styled, or floral, or polka dots, you really need to pop by the store :)

We were greeted by these exquisite pitchers and mugs as we entered the store.

The range under Emma Bridgewater, specialising in hand decorated pottery.

The staff from Tatty Marsh were also going around with macarons, orange juice and Laurent-Perrier's champagne. It was a really enjoyable experience, walking around the store that feels like your home, having macaron and sipping champagne :)

The range under Susie Watson Designs.

So girly, I like!

The store also carries messages like this, which you can hang up on the wall.
I don't like every one of that, but I find this quite funny - "My wife dresses to kill. She cooks the same way."

Tatty Marsh also carries mugs under Jamie Oliver's range.

I cannot conceal my love for cupcake stands like this, which Mr Pau cannot understand lol.

So English and princessy!

Would you have thought of them to be cakes? They are bath cakes (bath bombs)!

Hand cream :)


The range under Cath Kidston, my favourite!!

 I would love a laundry basket like that lol!

So fluffy!

Maybe I need this hahaha.

I particularly love the word - PEACE - on top of the shelf :)
I had wanted to buy the mugs (only S$18!) but I think I was being really rationale because I had too many mugs lol.
I wouldn't mind coming back to a closet like that ;p

And a dream kitchen sink like that! Haha :)

I was really wondering if I should buy the pens!
So nice (but somehow I can't manage to open the caps lol)..

We were quite fascinated by this typewriter that Mr Pau lent me his hand for styling lol.
And yes, they are selling this typewriter!

The range under The Gentleman's Room, which has this certain vintage English charm :)

StreetDirectory and Tatty Marsh also had this game for us to win prizes (by simply finding slips of paper with numbers!). There was also this grand draw to win a Pinkertons bag, worth S$400! If I remembered correctly, Germaine was the winner of the really nice pink handbag!

They have this new (I think) range of bags, labelled under Pinkertons. Great for work, or for tai-tai high tea sessions :)

Bloggers looking for slips of paper :)

Victoria, the owner of Tatty Marsh. She was giving an introduction of the brand and history.
A really warm and friendly lady :)

The closing speech and prizes giveaway!

Pretending it's my house, but #fail, looking like a tourist lol!

Rushed down from school, and it's not easy to handle 10-odd or 20 children for several hours, so I was quite concerned if I looked like auntie hahaha.

 Yes, I've gained weight after my wedding because of CNY and honeymoon haha

Really love cupcake stands leh.. Haha

Happy, with the goodie bag!

I really love the goodie bag! The lovely people at Tatty Marsh were really thoughtful to fill the evening with macaron, champagne, prizes and the items in the goodie bag :)

Together with the entire store decor, makes you feel that they are not out to just make money from the business. By the way, they also believe in contributing to charities and fundraisings. Thumbs up for that!

Tatty Marsh
Tanglin Mall, Unit 02-07
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Yup, I used the StreetDirectory before heading to Tanglin Mall ;)

Thanks to StreetDirectory & Tatty Marsh for the invite!
If you've liked what I have blogged about, and would like to feature your brand,
please email me at :)


  1. so lucky to be invited to the event . love cath kidston bed sheets. now can get it in sg. yay. thanks!

    1. Thanks for dropping by! :)

      Yup! I love the bedsheets too.. Ok la, I think I love most of Cath Kidston's stuff lol