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Day 3 in Bali - Tanah Lot, Horsehe Riding & Rice Terraces

Day 3 - Bali

On the 3rd day in Bali, we woke up early to go for a tour by Bali Sky Tour. We made booking, together with the Bali Safari & Marine Park + Snorkeling package, quite last minute before our trip.

We were quite skeptical at first, but felt more at ease knowing that they do not collect any deposit. And they were kind enough to cancel our Bali Safari & Marine Park package without any cancellation fee (we only managed to email the person on that morning).

Thankfully we were feeling good enough to go for our Horse Riding + Rice Terrace tour on the 3rd day, and we enjoyed ourselves so much!

First, we visited Tanah Lot. It was an ancient temple built on rocks. The attraction is that during high tides, the temple looks as if it is located right in the middle of the sea. Most tourists would also come here in the evening to catch the nice sunset.

As we stood near the cliff and watched the waves, we were in awe of how God could have created all these :)

A lot of greens along the way, further from the cliffs. Like a big garden :)

Standing on where the waters should be during high tides.

Then we left for horse riding with Bali Island Horse, which I was a little afraid of hahaha.

The staff were very friendly, and it was easier to mount the horse than I thought. It seemed a little scary as the horse move off, but getting used to the horse was not as difficult as I imagined.

We saw this cute little horse while waiting for our horses to be ready.

It was a great experience to ride the horse through the village, then to the beach. Can't describe the experience when the horse is in the sea water, trying to move ahead, and then the tide pulls back, and you're watching everything on top. Like you're stuck in the middle of the sea, but in a fun way :)

After the horse-riding, our next stop is to visit rice terraces. I was quite excited when I saw how the terraces really looked like. Living in a city for 30 years, I rarely see a lot of stuff from the nature (haha), so it's really interesting to see how rice really looks like, as a crop.

We had lunch at this little restaurant atop the rice terraces. It's really breezy and cool air up there. We loved how "fresh" the air was, without pollution :)

Lunch was buffet, with quite an acceptable spread of food :)
Not a lot, but was enough to make us fat haha!

Then the driver brought us to this coffee place nearby the restaurant (but was not on our itinerary actually). He was also nice enough to introduce different plants to us along the way - coffee, cocoa, etc.

We also got to try different kinds of teas and coffees in Bali. I was so impressed by the Mocha, that I asked the hubby to buy ;p

The coffee were not cheap. Only to my horror, that when I tried the Mocha, it tasted horribly like a mixture of only coffee and sugar :( It was kind of embarrassing cos I offered it to my supervisor, who was also a coffee lover.

So I think we kena cheated -_-

Different spread of teas and coffees, which I was "impressed".

Rice crops

We were supposed to go to another temple, which was about 2 hours drive away. But I was so tired traveling here and there, and the horse-riding totally made me super tired hahaha. So we decided to skip the temple. When we were back to the hotel, I realised we were also supposed to go to the fruit market!


Bali Sky Tour
Horse Riding & Jatiluwih Tour
Adult US$ 95 (Min 2 Person)
Includes English speaking driver, air-con car, buffet lunch, tickets for Tanah Lot temple.

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