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Day 2 in Bangkok

Hahaha, I was finding the title of this post funny, since I jumped directly to our 2nd day in Bangkok ;p

We left Bali in the afternoon, and reached Bangkok in the late afternoon, in their old airport. So plus all the jams on the road, we reached our hotel around evening time. So that day was spent eating and shopping at Platinum Mall ;p

Before boarding the plane for departure from Bali, we arrived earlier to beat the queue. Got ourselves settled in one of their cafes for lunch.

You might also want to consider their lounges, such as Prada Lounge, for 150,000 IDR for food, wireless, etc.

 I love the BBQ chicken wings (that is not cheap lol)!

The fried rice is nice as well!

After arriving in Bangkok, on the 2nd day, I was craving for American breakfast, so we went to Baiyoke Sky for breakfast. Opps, wrong choice ;p

There was not much selection, and only a handful of the items were nice enough. And I loveeeeee this little tapioca treat. It has a crispy case, with molten and soft inside. Good for sweets lover like me! Haha.

And then when we pass by the gallery as we exit out from the restaurant, we saw this cute little corner.

After breakfast, we went over to Siam Discovery Centre - Madame Tussauds! I was quite excited since I have not been to the wax museum. I remembered I wanted to go to the one in Hong Kong quite a few years back, but it was closed for renovations (yes, that long ago).

The Madame Tussauds in Bangkok had different figurines, such as Cartoon (only 2 lol), Party (red carpet stars), TV Stars, Pop Stars, Art & Science, History & Leaders, Sports Stars.

We had fun goofing around. And I was so happy to have "met" Einstein, Picasso and Beethoven ;p

Here comes highlight of the day!!! Hahaha.

Love the dress from Fly Me To Paris :)

And then my husband became jealous ;p

Then I met my favourite cartoon character!!

We booked the tickets online, and gotten ourselves 50% discount for early bird tickets (admission before 12pm). So we spent 400 Baht each on the tickets, and had fun there lol. You can even buy the ticket together with Siam Ocean World, and get discount on the Ocean World.

Review: Overall, I think it was quite fun since we have never been to a wax museum. We had fun taking pictures with the stars we think we might not get to see in our lifetime ;p  There is also quite a variety of merchandise to buy as souvenirs in their shop. We took about 1.5 hours to tour the entire museum.

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
6th Fl., Siam Discovery, Rama I Road, Bangkok, Thailand 
Ranked #45 out of 169 attractions in Bangkok

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