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Day 1 in Bali - The Jineng Villas Bali

Over the last 8 days, we went to Bali and had just returned from Bangkok!

It was truly a relaxing trip, where we don't think about work or ministry, just us spending time alone.

Oh, it was also a trip for me to marvel at God's creation - the skies, sea, rock formation, animals! Something different this time, especially since I am studying the book of Genesis now haha :)

Day 1 - Bali
Our flight was early in the morning, so we reached Terminal 1 around 5+am.

"Droplets" from the Kinetic Rain, dancing :)

It was about a 3 hour plus flight to Denpasar airport from Singapore. The airport was small, but thankfully not messy, so we didn't waste time at the airport for clearance.

I was in charge of doing up the itinerary for Bali and Bangkok, just 1 week prior to departure (GULPS), hahaha. But I was happy to do that, since I need things to be in order especially in countries we have not been before.

I managed to read about the porters at the airport before flying off for the holiday. So thankful for that! While waiting for our luggage to come, 2 porters came to us. I didn't think much of it at first, 'cos I thought they were the airport's staff since they were in uniform. 1 man just asked me "what color?", and my first reaction is to just tell him the color of my luggage.

Then I looked around, and realised they only approached us - not the others who were also waiting for their luggage! Not that I didn't want to give them tips, but I was quite afraid that they will ask for a lot, so we declined their help. And I think they weren't very happy about it..

Anyway, we had free pick-up by the villa and the car ride was slightly under 30 mins :)

We booked The Jineng Villas Bali. It was pretty good - not so expensive, quite a good location to shopping and dining areas in Seminyak (convenient if you choose to take taxi everywhere), and it has a private lap pool.

The area above, in real life, seems to be a little smaller though :)

Waiting for check-in

Welcome drink (which the hubby says taste like concentrated orange ;p)

The walkway to our villa

Love the pool!

The villa includes a living area (with TV), kitchenette (but no pans lol), fridge, bedroom, jacuzzi tub.
The living room is not connected to the bedroom, which was also good in a way to keep the sleeping area clean :)

Review: Generally the villa is quite clean. It costs only about S$100+ per night. I wonder if it's because the villa is on the ground floor, which is why we saw quite a few millipedes and flies and mozzies. LOL.
We also saw some grey spots on the pillow cases and bedsheets. But is quite acceptable for a clean freak like me hahaha. Given Bali's cleanliness standard, I think the villa is quite acceptable for the price :)

Breakfast will be served in villa every morning. Staff will ask you the day before, time for breakfast, and selection of food. There are American breakfast, Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng etc for selection. I think the Asian fare taste better, but I stuck to my American breakfast because I love my scrambled eggs and danish pastry lol.

However, I find the standard of the food varies across the days we were there. Hmm, and I am not someone who is extra picky with food. For example, the 1st morning, the toast bread tasted like stale bread. And on some mornings, there was no sweetness in the fruits. There was also one day when the egg was tasteless.

Erm, but I make do with what I get, and am thankful for warm brekkie every morning okay lol.

Service from the staff was also very warm and helpful. Certain requests such as a pot of hot water (because the electric kettle is dirty), or helping to make local calls were never being declined.

This villa is a to-go if you are on a budget, and love private pool. However, if you are very picky on breakfast, or cleanliness, or needed restaurants in the villa, then you probably can have better choices elsewhere :)

American breakfast consist of egg of your choice on toast, sausage or bacon, sauteed mushroom,
fresh fruit, fresh juice, tea or coffee, 2 slices of toast bread and danish pastry.
Bali Travel Tips:

1. Money - Bring more Rupiah than US dollar, since most of the shops accept Rupiah. You might also want to bring some US dollar along, just in case you need to change more Rupiah. However, they may make money changing so confusing, so I'll say stick to your Visa :)

2. Airport - Do take note of the porters. You might want them to help you with the luggage, but I am not sure how safe it is after hearing horror stories on forums. Good for porters to help if you are traveling in big group (have bargaining power also lol). Best is to get transfer from your villa or hotel since it can get quite messy at the airport if it's your first time in Bali.

3. Taxis - Taxis are everywhere, and we take taxis most of the time in Bali. Do take note to request for meter. Some of the taxi uncles will refuse, and a safe gauge is that 15 mins ride should cost about 30,000 to 35,000 IDR. Usually while traveling around in Seminyak area, we only take taxis that quote 30,000 IDR.

Usually some taxi uncles are also quite helpful in suggesting places to go. For me, I never trust their recommendations (sorry). There was once, a taxi driver lied to us, saying Geneva handicrafts was closed on Sunday, and wanted to bring us elsewhere. We immediately ask him to send us back to the villa. Where we got to call Geneva and got to know that they were open till 6pm.

If you are not renting car or bikes, neither want to get taxis, google for reliable drivers to drive you around, or ask your hotel for recommendations :)

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