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Weekend Girly Tea Sessions!

Met up with my childhood friend of 20+ years :)

Spent our afternoon at TWG catching up! I was wearing the Trapeze Shift Dress from Fly Me to Paris. A dress with nice cut! Makes me look slim from the side, and yet from the front, the flare of the dress makes me look like I've got a waist haha :)


Love the decor at TWG. Makes you want to relax and yak catch up with each other :)

The pastries are really drool-worthy. We loved the items we have ordered. And the wait staff was quite polite and nice, in recommending teas of certain scent to our liking and preference.

A rich, velvety chocolate cake.
Best to share with a friend, lest you feel too "gelat".
We love the ice cream, which carries an unique tea scent, with full flavoured ice cream.

The macaron came as a pleasant surprise! We ordered something passionfruit and chocolate.
The chocolate one was slightly too sweet, but the passionfruit is refreshing!
Love that the macaron case was light, crispy and nicely sweetened. Totally worth the price tag of only $2 each.


Met up with the girls, and I am so sorry that I picked Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery instead of TWG!! :(

One of my friends horrific-ly found a HUGE fly in her salad, so huge that our neighbouring table's girl was exclaiming out in louder voice than us (that huge, can you imagine?)

Actually we don't need to know if your salad has been triple washed by your supplier. Perhaps you could do better trying to calm the diner down instead of reasoning out logically.

The manager said "oh so sorry, we'll definitely take that item out of the bill". We had to even ask before we leave, if the entire bill is waived or waived only for that friend. Gosh, imagine the service.

And a fly so big that I wouldn't even find in my hawker food, they didn't even attempt to want to follow up on any medical bill. After answering us that we do not need to pay, the manager simply went back and got busy with his work at the counter -_-

The girls said the manager was dishing out apologies insincerely. Thankfully, I not so sensitive to the insincere tone, else I could have kicked up a big fuss =X (on a sidenote, you'll know how bad the service level is for me to complain about the bridal studio and hotel for our wedding, given my level of acceptance)

So no pictures for Antoinette - till we get over the trauma.

Service level thumbs down for the price (one waitress, after topping up the pot with water, simply put the pots back on our table - not like how other cafes or restaurant does, to make sure it's at the "right position" for the customer's convenience to reach the pot - and didn't even tell us which tea is in which pot. Gosh). Definitely not recommended and not coming back.

Edited: The management of Antoinette contacted my friend, after I posted on their facebook page about her bad tummy. They offered compensation which was satisfactory for her. So it resolved well in the end :)

Then we went to Robert Timms for dinner. Service was so much warmer :)

I was wearing the Luxe Affair Lace Dress from Fly Me to Paris.
This was my first purchase from FMTP, and I was so impressed with the cut.
Accentuate what I lacked (wahahahaha) and emphasised on what I have.
And whenever I wear this, friends would surely compliment it :)

Our food!

1 of the items under the All Day Breakfast.

I absolutely love the House Sandwich. We didn't expect it to be so HUGE. LOL.
Totally different from the picture in the menu! But I like it that they serve multi-grain toast.

Robert Timms is quite a nice place to chill with friends. They have quite a good menu on food, drinks, and even wine :) Would like to try their coffee next time, if I was not on a lesser caffeine diet ;p

House of Robert Timms
Orchard Shopping Centre:
321 Orchard Road, #01-01/02, Singapore 238866

Food: ♥♥♥
Service: ♥♥♥♥

Decor: ♥♥♥
Value for Money: ♥♥♥♥


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