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The Wedding

Finally it's over!

Although for us, the wedding is just but another day, people around us me fussed over it more than me. Sometimes it just irritates me and I can't count the number of times I got so upset over just this wedding.

So I am really glad it's over. I don't have much regrets, other than I opt for no 2nd march-in. Ha.

Our Bridal Studio
We have gotten My Dream Wedding for our bridal studio. However everything just goes downhill after our photoshoot. And I am just not super happy with them, but I shan't comment much la, I think.

I am quite happy with my gown and most of my friends liked the gown too.

However, I just cannot understand how can the makeup artist suggest a timing that makes me pay a surcharge when she can do it after 7am (where it has no more surcharge), and how can she leave a clothes peg underneath the layers of my gown, and how can she tie my corset any-own-how.

So I had to change the MUA last minute for my wedding dinner. Cannot imagine that man. And I was glad many of my friends commented that I looked fresher and better for the night :)

The day look:

Our Holy Matrimony
Held in our church :)

I think I had the dream wedding, where I walked down the aisle to my husband, with a beautiful march-in song, and where I could praise and worship God for His grace to bring us to marriage.

We had this march-in by Miranda Wong:

During the ceremony, I was so overwhelmed by God's grace and love for us. Can't help being touched to tears, but I didn't expect that I can't really recite the vow properly. The worse thing is that your husband-to-be took away the tissue you prepared just before you start crying. And didn't return to you until he realised mucus was rolling down your nose.


Yes I am that bride -_-

After the ceremony:

Our Banquet
Held in Carlton Hotel. Can't say it was a smooth process. But the food was quite nice, except for 1 dish that totally over-cooked quite badly. I was not expecting this food standard from Wah Lok, neither the service standard from the hotel's assistant banquet manager.

We engaged Kent Wong for our photography, and Winson for our videography.

Everyone was raving about the day highlight, especially not easy when Winson had to rush out, since we finish our church ceremony about 5+ and the video need to be screened at about 8+.

Photo Kent had posted on his business FB page:

Overall, we're so ever thankful to God for His blessings and providence for our wedding and marriage (more years to come!), and friends and relatives who took time to come and share our joy :)

Probably more pictures to come later! :)


  1. Hihi,
    Mind to share whu is yr MUA ? I'm a Mdw bride too.

    1. Thanks for dropping by :)

      My MUA is Zoey. Do be careful of the morning timing. Because the MUA mentioned that she needed 2 hours to do the makeup + gown, so she came at 6am (if not she could have come at 7am because my gatecrash is 8.30am). In the end, she completed the makeup in less than 1.5 hours and charged me early charge.