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Pre-Wedding Skin and Body Wellness Prep

I probably think I am one of the laziest bo chup female around. I don't usually do facial, spa, mani/pedi unless necessary.

And then these things become necessary just before the wedding. And then I panic. LOL.

Pre-Wedding Skincare Prep

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I have been using Naruko's products for quite some time. And I was so surprised to find that their products make my skin so smooth and baby soft (even the Hubs was surprised).

I am using products under the Taiwan Magnolia range. The Magnolia Brightening and Firming Spray is my must have. I use it as a toner, it doesn't feel like it has any alcohol, and it doesn't leave my skin with that tacky, taut feel after face wash. I recently bought the serum, which I feel is really good. It gets absorbed into my skin after a while, and my skin feels really soft :)

Picture from: Skin Street

Other than that, I am really glad to have bought Skin Street's Sonic Cleanse. It seems to be a cheaper version of the Clarisonic, but I have no complains on it :)

It exfoliates my skin so well that the Hubs was quite shocked to run his fingers on my face to such soft skin. LOL. Nowadays I don't use scrub or deep cleansing mask, and I think my skin condition is still quite alright.

Tip: Arrange facial 5 to 7 days prior to your wedding day. Do diamond peel for that extra radiant look. After which, you can use Clarisonic/Sonic Cleanse to keep up with the exfoliation. You might want to opt for intense mask nearer to your wedding day - I put on Beauty Diary Black Pearl mask (my must have for mask!) everyday for 3 nights prior to my wedding.

Pre-Wedding Body Prep

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I tried out AFC Cho Beauty Inner Cleansing some time back, because I have some constipation problem, and my digestive system felt really sluggish.

It was quite effective in getting rid of all the waste in my stomach. I was so shocked to see what comes out (LOL). I think this helped me a little in getting a flatter tummy for the wedding :)

And to my horror, I gained quite a bit of weight over the Christmas holiday. Thankfully I manage to lose the weight (too much in fact) through low carb diet. In fact I lost so much weight that my gown was sort of dropping since it was so heavy.

I don't think I had been so thin after my excessive dieting during poly days.

I cut out some carbs in my meals, or opt for whole grains. For example, I would take wholemeal bread instead of white bread for breakfast; wholemeal crackers for tea or snacks. And then I would eat fruits and/or salad with a good serving of chicken for lunch; soup or salad for dinner. Most of the time I would #fail and have rice and dessert for dinner too.

Yet I still manage to lose weight! Haha :) So the low carbs diet probably worked.

Tip: Opt for healthier and nutritious meals prior to your wedding. Your system will feel less sluggish. Go for regular exercise if your schedule permits. You'll get toned up pretty quickly. Furthermore, healthier lifestyle helps in combating pre-wedding blues ;p


  1. Hi gal, i saw your pictures and very convinced with the AFC Cho Beauty! so me n my col went to buy n tried it. So far so gd. May i ask how long have u been taking it and how many mths before your wedding u take to achieve the effect? M going for my photoshoot in end april and starting taking it now. nt sure if by then i will b slimmer abit lol

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Actually my first box of the Cho Beauty was more effective lol. I think it took about a little less than 1 wk to see the effect for me, which was quite fast.

      I also went on low carb diet and I lost quite a bit of weight. U might want to try that hehe ;) Enjoy!!