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Opps, the blog is quite dead.. Haha, I think it's because we have been busy. And I didn't really have time to really relax, have coffee and lunches with friends..

Our Chinese New Year was spent visiting, eat and play ;p Thankful for the short break right after our wedding.

On CNY eve, we checked into Hotel Clover.

The open wardrobe

The open concept bathroom with curtains that you can draw down :)

Somehow or rather, I didn't really expect the bathroom to have glass doors. Even when the curtain is drawn down, it was not totally opaque. Haha, warning for friends sharing the room together.


Tea and coffee making set. Complimentary Oreos!
(Love that little lamp by the side)

Review: Overall, we quite like this small boutique hotel, tucked away in Kampung Glam. Love the modern, minimalistic design! Oh, and we quite liked watching the HBO and Discovery channel (minus the Bieber movie for the Hubs I think haha).

I think it would have been a better experience if there were bathrobes, if the aircon reacted faster to temperature changes, and if the rainforest shower didn't leak water whenever I on the shower tap ;p

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