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The Church's Family Day

Finally, the long awaited church's Family Day is over!

I have been looking forward to this day, and have been "practising" on various recipes to find out which are the cookies to make for sale. All sale proceeds go towards the building of church plant in Thailand. We are so glad to be part of it :)

So it took me an entire day + 2 nights of only 2 or 3 hours of sleep, to bake 400+ cookies. I was still wondering how did I manage to bake so much. LOL. It came to a point where I baked till I feel nauseated - never happened before hahaha.

And then Murphy's law apply here. We actually forgot to take back a shopping bag of flours and brown sugar - which made me walked to the NTUC at 4am in the morning. Then my chewy choc chip cookies became crispy choc chip cookie. I just suddenly cannot recall the baking time needed :(

However, it was a complete sold out for my cookies, my supervisor's yummy lemon yogurt cake, my partner's achar, and the donated otahs! We were so happy to see our empty table by the time the event ends. Thank God :)

Packing them the day before

The set-up! I was drinking coffee then lol

LOL at the stall name, which comes from our stall number - #22!

It was a mad rush for us to buy more packaging and doley paper on Thu (which the extra packaging was not used cos I just don't have the time to make 70 bags of cookies!), and to do a simple design for the tentcards. I wanted to staple individual labels onto the bags, but thankfully I didn't decide to do that cos we really were tight on time ;p

And then the craziness launched fully on the baking days when I had to bake or make dough during the wee hours. LOL. I kept asking myself why was I doing all these cookies, like running a 24km race - it's all in your brain ;p However, I am so glad I found the answer today, which makes it all worth it :)

A picture of my dear friend and me after the lemon cakes and sponsored otahs arrived!
It has been a long way since our baptism/confirmation class :)

Half-way through the day, and these were our only stock left!

I was feeling quite emo during the first 2 hours of sale, because no one came to buy!! LOL. Felt so worried and wondered what should I do with the remaining cookies. And then self-doubt kicks in, wondering if the cookies are too expensive or not tasty enough. And I am really not the perfect sales person here ;p

However, half-way through the event, more came to take a look at the cookies and tried. I simply love the look on kids' faces immediately after they tried the choc chip cookies - they looked all bright with smiles! I think this is what makes me love baking - to see people enjoy what I bake!

My favourite Tom Yum cookies! However it was not the most popular flavour. I had most comments saying that it's an "acquired taste". LOL!

In the end, I can't believe the sold-out, and I know it won't be possible without God :) Glad we went for this, though it can be really tough for all of us to juggle with our time. Because through this I leaned more on Him, prayed more for His guidance and relied on His provision (of customers lol).

Making cookies can also learn things one okie ;p

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