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Run For Hope 2012

Spent the day after my birthday running 10km Run For Hope race (okay, not exactly a race 'cos I wasn't competing on best time). Didn't have time for training, lacked sleep and was down with slight cough. Thank God for His strength to sustain me through the entire 10km.

Run For Hope is an annual charity event organised by Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, Regent Singapore and the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) to raise funds for cancer research.

I quite enjoyed the city route! Though running through the barrage was really tough, with all the up-slopes. Heard from my friends that it took us slightly more than 10km (more like 11km), and I was quite happy to maintain the timing. And, I didn't stop running until the 6km mark! For someone inactive like me, I think it's quite an achievement ;p Hahahaa.

Mr Pau also very lovingly saw me after his U-turn, ran back and stayed with me till the end of the run :)

Us in the morning before the race

After the run!

The NCCS mascot (oh my gosh, see my huge arm hahah)

There were 10,000 people (or more) running for the event, and we're so glad we're part of them! Till date they have raised S$411,000+ but is still a little far from their target of S$700,000.

You can visit their website to help donate to the cancer research fund. Having seen and heard about cancer patients made me feel that, we, as a society can do more to help these patients ;)

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