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GV at City Square Mall

Last weekend, Mr Pau and I caught the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 at City Square Mall.

We hardly visit malls in the north-east area, mainly because we'd be around town during weekends. So it was a pleasant surprise to see so many shops at City Square Mall - a nice Food Republic, Aston, Old Town, Olio Cafe and many more restaurants.

The GV cinema at City Square Mall is new, and in celebration of their 11th cinema, there were new initiatives as well, like iRunTheCinema and the new Couple Cinema.

iRunCinema lets you book movie tickets early at best prices, host events to premiere original videos on the screen, and even decide which movie to play!

And be surprised by the Couple Cinema, an area dedicated solely for couples - say yay to more comfort and privacy :)

Picture from GV Movie Club Facebook

I like how cosy and dedicated this cinema area looks. Probably a good choice when we needed some couple bonding time ;p

We waited a while just outside the cinema entrance, and I was quite impressed with how sleek it look!

I think it must have been sometime since I last stepped into a cinema (LOL), but I was so impressed with the screens showing the "movie posters". They look so high tech, and we could see all of the different movie posters in just 1 panel. Talk about efficiency, huh? ;p

See! This is what I meant ;p  
Picture from GV Movie Club Facebook

 Us just before the screening!

Just as some of the newer GV, this new cinema at City Square Mall has ample leg space, that Mr Pau could put his bag on the floor, and still have space to sit comfortably. He always complain about leg space cos he is taller ;p

 Picture from GV Movie Club Facebook

I can't really believe the Twilight saga ended so soon, but it was quite a good movie this time round - at least I saw the family values in the movie, in between the lovey scenes ;p

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This movie experience has been provided, thanks to OMY.SG for the movie invite :)

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