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Another Round of Batam Medical Outreach

Yesterday we went for another trip to the Batam Medical Outreach. The previous one we went to was in May 2012, and this time round, we went together with friends :)

This time round I am placed under the children ministry, which makes me a little nervous, 'cos we had to do balloon sculpting. I am forever having this unknown balloon phobia, and now I have to twist them?! LOL.

We reached Harbourfront about 6am, sign in, and had breakfast, before hopping onto the ferry. So I am looking like an auntie here, with small eyes and big face and messy hair ;p

Anyway it was quite a smooth ferry ride, and we headed to the bible school after reaching the terminal.

After settling and putting down supplies, we headed to the respective villages.

The clinic was set up quite fast, and my partner and I moved to the children ministry area.

Local people helping out with songs and communicating to the children

Mums and their kids :)

And the time came when I had to do balloon sculpting. I took so long to just pump the balloon and tie a knot at the end. Not to even mention twisting them. I could only remember this verse in my head I can do all things through Him.

And tadah, here's my first balloon!

If you could make out what that was (LOL), it's a dog - a pink one some more! ;p

Even though I was looking at a sheet of paper for directions, but I was so happy. I never thought I could twist a balloon. Thank God I never burst any balloon in my arms yesterday ;p

Ended up I only did 2 designs through the day - the dog and sword. I even managed to teach some of them how to do it! How amazing is that. Yes, even Mr Pau was amazed :)

The balloons we did, before the kids started taking them all. Hahaha

It started to get really messy when the kids got so excited over the balloons. Thankfully for the locals, they maintained really good crowd control and queue system.

Kids queuing for the balloons!

LOL. Dr Quack checking out patient's heartbeat while she is having lunch.

Kids enjoying their game time

The clinic ended about 3.30pm Singapore time, after seeing about 600-ish patients for just a few hours. Kudos to the doctors and medical team! Our team had doctors, professionals in the OT team and ICU team. So amazed and impressed by their knowledge and the work they are doing everyday :)

After packing, we headed to the mall nearby and had our A&W fix! We felt so happy to just feel air con around us, enjoying cold drinks and fried chicken - like finally! LOL.

I ended the day looking like an auntie - greasy face, my body felt sticky and smelly, tanned lines, messy hair, but I felt so fulfilled. I give my time and service, yet I receive (lessons) more than what I give out.

I love my life this way :)

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