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[Recipe] Mango Jelly

For the BBQ last weekend, I was "in charge" of bringing dessert. Had wanted to do some pudding and cranberry mint drink, but due to insufficient time, I only managed to do the jelly :)

Wanted to try making mango pudding after having the really delicious mango pudding at Sushi Express. So I googled for recipe, and I come to this mango pudding recipe by Everybody Eats Well in Flanders.

The recipe calls for fresh mango juice, but I didn't have a blender at home, so I substituted it with packaged mango juice. However it probably affected a little of the texture of the pudding la :)

Because recently I had been failing in making any kind of jellies - agar agar, gelatine, pudding - so I decided to make a batch of the mango pudding before the actual BBQ day.

And I really gotta hand it to myself - how can anyone even fail in making jellies?! LOL.

Yup, it's the original color - GREEN. Hahaha. I really got a shock when I emptied the sachet of agar agar powder into the water, and then I realised I got the wrong agar agar powder color!


It taste like mango pudding but is in green color. I call it the shrek pudding ;p

Anyway, here's the recipe I adapted from Everybody Eats Well in Flanders:

1 x 13g packet agar agar powder
150g sugar
300ml mango juice
250ml milk
500ml water

1.  In a small pot, combine sugar with agar agar powder in 500ml water. Bring to boil over low-medium heat till the agar agar dissolves. Stir constantly.

2.  Combine mango juice and fresh milk. Add into agar agar mixture and stir well.

3.  Pour into a pudding mould or wine glasses to set. Chill it in the fridge to allow it to set, before serving.

Basically, I decreased the amount of milk so it wouldn't be too milky. Do note the agar agar mixture should boil with bubbles and all in Step 1. However in Step 2, because of milk added, take note not to let the mixture "over boil".

The texture of the jelly is not exactly like the soft pudding kind. It's the "cai yen" kind ;p

Though the texture didn't turn out to what I had expected, I am still happy! Cos Mr Pau, our friends and Mr Pau's family were quite happy with the jellies la. Hehe.

Do give it a try for easy and wallet-friendly dessert!

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