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Our BBQ Session!

It was an amazing weekend! With food, friends, fun and an amazing sermon heard on Sunday :)

First up, dined at Hot Tomato (313 Somerset)! Always enjoyed Hot Tomato's casual dining. Not expecting much for the wallet-friendly prices though. Hehe.

My mixed grill was still quite alright. The steak that my friend has gotten seems a little tough (medium cooked). But well, it's the company that matters! Haha.

For casual dining, I still prefer Tea Party Cafe for its pasta and soup, though a little salty ;p

* * * * * *

Next, we had BBQ over the weekend!

Sometime back we were discussing about and organising the BBQ. In the midst of discussion, we decided to name it "Old Adults BBQ". LOL. So apt right, since most of us already cross the big 3!

Happy with the purchase of my top!
S$22.90 from Far East Plaza (really good material), lace shorts from MDS.

We had always been fascinated by this "4-wheel drive" bicycle, so we rented it for an hour. Doesn't come cheap, compared to other bicycles - S$40 / hour.

It feels in between riding a bicycle and driving a really slow car. We need to peddle to "accelerate", and while turning left or right, we need to check our "blind spot" in case of other bicycles cutting in our "lane".

Haha, a really interesting experience. But we probably will be riding this once la ;p

The guys starting the fire

As suggested by one of us, we decided to have a mini potluck session. We prepared some food from scratch, and gotten some other ready-made food.

One of our friends (a guy!!) prepared chicken mid-wings and chops for us. So well marinated that we probably think the rest of the food are just ok only. LOL. Mr Pau prepared his yakitori bacon prawns and bacon asparagus and were delicious! Just a tad salty cos too much bacon ;p

I prepared some mango agar agar - which I forgot to take picture!

We've also gotten satay and sambal stingray from BBQ wholesaler; otah from Lee Wee & Brothers. The otah and sambal stingray were really well-received. Hahaha!

It was really windy that day. Just before we started, the far eastern part of the island was having heavy rain. Thank God for the fair weather at the park!

Love how the colors turn out on the J1!

Busy chefs at work ;p

Thank God we've known each other through the baptism and confirmation class!

Yes I cook! ;p

There were also a nice bottle of Chilean Syrah, my favourite Hoegaarden and some other drinks that go well with the BBQ food. I probably think that this is the most tasty and least wastage BBQ I ever had ;p

Later on in the night, the wind got really strong, and it started to drizzle. So we packed the stuff and head to Old Town for shelter lol.

You can't see it through the picture, but I was already a little tipsy and sleepy, after just a glass of wine and 1 bottle of Hoegaarden. I sort of dozed off in between chats. Hahaha!

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