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SAC Batam Medical Outreach

Went on a 1-day medical outreach at Batam with the church volunteers today!

Woke up early to catch the morning ferry over to Batam.

Report time check: 6.30am at McDonald's ;p

Forever having the stunned look!

We took the ferry from Batam Fast, and I was a quite worried about getting seasick (I'm always prone to motion sickness ;p) that I turned to prayers when the boat was a little rocky.

Mr Pau on board!

We reached after about 1 hour's of boat ride, and transferred to mini buses over to the villages. Upon reaching, we moved quickly for setup and got ready for the "clinic" to be opened!

One of the volunteer doctors invited me to go buy some liniment oil at the local "provision shop".

I didn't have time to take pictures in between because we were all busy with dispensing of the medicine :) Sneaked some pictures after lunch!

The roads where they drive and walk on - No tar, no cement.

I think it's probably my first time seeing a real, live chicken roaming around ;p


Initially I was a little afraid of wet weather, because the roads will become really muddy. Thank God it rained only towards the end of the day, and it ended pretty soon. Cooled us down in the hot weather too :)

The muddy road.

The kids, as we were leaving on the mini bus.

I've always jokingly told my friends that this trip is a "personal challenge" for myself. Because I had been quite a "clean freak", it can be a little difficult for me to adapt to the environment there ;p

Today had been a great learning experience, to always remind myself of the spirit of humbleness. It surprised me the joy I had in me, when I see patients taking their medicine, and kids playing around with the balloons and dancing to the songs.

Thank God that when we focus on doing what we need to do, there's really no room for any "discomfort" to happen. "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength" - Philippians 4:13

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