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Sometime in Nov or Dec last year, Mr Pau bought a very retro looking camera that works on film.

So we went out to take some pictures. Really difficult to finish the entire roll of film! Haha!

Our first test shot on the Doraemon puzzles ;p

We usually would eat at Citylink's Coffee and Toast before heading to church on Sun. Love how the photo turn out!

We started to serve in 11.15am service in Dec last year. It's really challenging! I seem to make mistakes here and there (so far it's my 3rd time being the usher!), and I'll feel really bad about it. Heh. I guess what is most important is that we get to serve the Lord and practice having a humble spirit.

: )

Yesterday was the Commissioning of Prayers for helpers like us.

Wore my "favourite" dress to church yesterday:

Bought this belt last weekend at Bugis Village Level 2. 2 for $15. Hohoho ;p

♥  ♥  ♥

Earlier in the first week of Jan, we had lunch with Mr Pau's family:

The boys: