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Wedding Prep: Engagement Ring & Studio Package

Woo, 2 more days before wrapping up 2011. A little too busy to summarise my 2011, but it had been an awesome year!

Experienced rollercoaster of emotions, went through tears & joy, got baptised and confirmed in the church, settled the house and preparing for our future together with The Pau ...

WOO! Words can't explain how I feel, now that I look back upon 2011 with memories.

Though the wedding prep is still majorly not settled, here are some stuff that we have confirmed:

1) The engagement ring

We actually shopped for the engagement ring together (HAHAHA). Mr Pau didn't felt at ease though I gave him the specifications.. He's sweet enough cos he wanted me to have THE ring I really wanted ♥

: )

Ring: Jann Paul Diamonds

I am not particularly concerned with the carat size, more towards the color and clarity though (Hehehe).

The diamond is a modified cut - cushioned Brellia, AGS certified. The specs is exactly the "dream" diamond I thought of earlier: Color E, VVS1, 0.468 carat ♥

Though I am quite particular about service, I am totally impressed by the guys at Jann Paul. Prompt, professional and smiley. And you get to really learn about diamonds, unlike in the retail jewellery shops out there.

Pictures don't do this gem a justice, cos in real life, it sparkles with brilliance and is so clear and white in color ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

2) Bridal Studio Package

We are kinda different in the sense that we confirmed our package earlier than the wedding venue.

I am glad we did! Cos the bridal studio takes a little longer to process the photos.

And we are with My Dream Wedding.

Some pictures by MDW:

So far the experience had been great with MDW. Met them at the roadshow and they were all smiley, sincere and friendly.

Just that when we went over to the shop for an "orientation" and fixing of PS date, the photographer attended to us, and made some comments that weren't very nice.

Like commenting on the LCD monitors of our church that doesn't make the picture look nice (ERM), and it is very difficult to take nice photos at the church (DOUBLE ERM). And talked about some Singaporean ladies can't carry off certain kind of gowns from their premium range (ERM ERM ERM).

Anyway.. Haha, still a pleasant experience and I think the package is really a steal la, so still quite happy. Tee hee hee!

Tip: It would be better for brides and grooms to shortlist at least 3 bridal studios. If you asked me, I place more emphasis on photo layout and angles. If brides place more emphasis on the gowns, then it would be better to not sign up on roadshows (you won't have a chance to see the actual gowns), but instead pop by the physical stores before signing up.

- to be continued: Hotel venue -

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