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The Pau Story - Special Cut Edition 2009 to 2011

Many times when people asked how did Mr Pau and I met, Mr Pau would probably said: "Pub!".

And most of our friends would be having the *eyes wide emoticon* look. Hahaha!!

Way back in 2009 when we just knew each other:

LOL! How much we have changed through the 2 years ;p

Then it was my birthday (first with The Pau), and Mr Pau just returned from a Taiwan holiday with his buddies. And he bought me this giant Doraemon.

It's quite funny to see how we have changed through the days of knowing each other.

And finally it came to getting the ring sometime in Dec : )

Some pictures he took on his own for a surprise he planned. Hahaha!

Sometimes people can say a lot of things, but I think what is important is that we keep going ahead. Times when I want to give up totally, I am thankful for The Pau to be always there encouraging me and keep us close together.

Totally looking forward to finalise the wedding plans for 2013, and welcome in our house in 2014 : )